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Key Tips To Contemporary Interior Design

When it comes to contemporary interior design, we believe in styling that stands the test of time. A contemporary style harnesses natural light and open floor plans to offer a truly welcoming and homely experience. Elements like shape, texture and colour are all paramount to cohesive contemporary decor.

How to Create a Contemporary Interior

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Find Your Style

Finding your style sounds a little cliche but this is vital to a successful contemporary interior design. With ‘contemporary’ meaning many different things, it’s important to find a specific style that works for you, your home style and your floor plan.

For example, coastal contemporary? Modern contemporary? Industrial-chic contemporary? Scandinavian design? A great place to start is scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest to discover homes that speak to you most and taking note of the repeated aspects peppered in your inspiration board. Once you’ve refined your style, you will be in a much stronger position to style your home.

Keep To A Palette

Keeping to a palette is much harder than it sounds. But, sticking to a consistent colour palette will serve you well in the long run. It will help ensure that your interior decorations complement your home style and floor plan. Contemporary interiors keep to a tight palette of colours and materials. We always aim to limit it to no more than three to five colours.

If you have a specific timber tone, it is best to stick with just that one tone so that you do not have a mix of timber shades. It’s also wise to stick with just timber alone and use that tone for your table, flooring and chairs. This keeps everything clean and simple and also keeps your space looking and feeling resolved, tied together and considered.

Floor Plans Are Key

Floor plans absolutely make a difference to the style and decor of your home. Why? A floorplan will ultimately decide on the spaciousness of your rooms. A contemporary interior design works really well with an open floor plan to maximise your space no matter how big or small your home is. It provides a seamless flow throughout your home and brings an abundance of natural light to create warmth and brightness. Contemporary interiors are also about practicality so aim to keep furniture lower to the ground and functional for an effortless feel.

Utilise Natural Light

We know that natural light is not only beneficial for the environment and your wallet, it’s also an effective way to create a sense of openness and luxury. The warmth from the natural light offers a timeless quality that your guests will love when they come to visit. Easy ways to make use of natural light include keeping your window dressings minimal and windows as open as possible.

Invest In Quality Furniture

Investing in your key pieces of furniture such as sofas, dining tables, beds and coffee tables is a fantastic way to not only work for today but last well into the future. For these pieces, it may be best to think about solid timber, clean lines, well made sofas and beautiful fabrics. These pieces travel with you and become part of your family!

Take Risks

You just don’t know what you might discover when you take a risk. This doesn’t mean your sofa needs to be avant garde, but rather the risks occur best with a fun colour wall feature or an oversized DIY artwork. Something that turns heads may end up being a showstopper.

Successful contemporary interior design is meant to be timeless and appear effortless. Invest in what you can to heighten your pieces and keep an open mind about what works for your home plan and your family’s lifestyle.

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