Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne-based Creative Director using his unique and varied qualities to offer a complete aesthetic service.

Having worked as a designer for over 10 years, across a broad range of creative roles – from Interior Designer, Product Developer, Lifestyle Buyer, Textile Designer and Interior Stylist – Jacka brings with him a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding.

He believes that life can always be beautiful, and that every aspect is an opportunity to reflect your own sense of style. He is able to help articulate this for his clients, whether it be through large-scale transformations, or merely curating existing spaces to better reflect one’s personal style or brand.

Jacka aims to create spaces, products and experiences that are not governed by fashion or trends, but have their foundations in enduring style, design merit, personal authenticity and quality.

His clients and experiences range from designing private homesstyling interiors and products for magazines and designers, working as a buyer of lifestyle products, and developing product ranges varying from textiles to furniture.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Designs

With an ability to approach every project with an open mind, assessing the subtleties of his client’s personality and space, Jacka is able to reflect their unique style whilst utilising his own broad experience and aesthetic grounding. 

If your embarking on your own interior design project, looking for a home or product stylist or looking for bespoke Australian made textiles please contact us and we will tailor a unique space and beautiful product just for you.

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