Working with a well-trained eye, Melbourne based interior designer Gabriel Jacka has an ability to marry pieces and spaces, existing and new, to create resolved, inviting and very personal interiors, based on classic foundations with timeless appeal.


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Jacka, a Melbourne based interior designer and interior stylist creates spaces, products and experiences that are not governed by fashion or trends, but have their foundations in enduring style, design merit, personal authenticity and quality.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling

With a unique approach to interior styling and product stylingGabriel has a ability to visualise, understand and resolve an interior space or product range, this ability has been refined through his extensive experience in interior design, visual merchandising and editorial styling.



Gabriel Jacka offers a diverse range of services from complete interior design transformations to home styling and product stylingfind out more about what we can do for you.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design Style
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Designs

Join Gabriel as he explores all things interior design though his blog, a collection of his favourite things from interior design and table settings to exploring and traveling. 

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