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My Essential Tips for Interior Design Melbourne

We it comes to tips for interior design in Melbourne, there are a few qualities that set Melburnians apart from the rest. From our climate to our culture, and everything in between, are homes are defined by the city in which they’re immersed.

I have spent the last 10 years transforming interiors across Melbourne. During that time, I have developed a keen eye for the desires and needs that shape Melburnians’ distinctive flare for spectacular spaces.

Below, I lift the lid on my essential tips for interior design in a city defined by individuality and expression.

Getting It Right

If there is one thing I love about working on the interior designs of Melburnians, it’s their desire to get things right the first time.

Too often I see people pursuing something fast rather than creating something that will last. Strong interior design should be rooted in timeless design foundations that are not based around fleeting trends or fast fashions.

My biggest interior design tip is to craft a design that is deeply reflective of you, and the unique way in which you interact with the space. The result will be an interior that can grow and evolve with YOU, rather than the ever-changing trend of the season.

An All Season Home

Melbourne is synonymous with a temperamental climate. It can go from blisteringly hot to a ferocious downpour in a minute. As such, we seek out the relevant spaces to accommodate the weather’s mood.

One of my key tips for interior design is to incorporate a unique mix of indoor and outdoor spaces. We desire a home that can perform both roles seamlessly and getting this mix right can make or break a home’s potential.

Melbourne Home Culture

In Melbourne, we desire homes that are flexible. Sure – we want spaces that can be used for a glamorous dinner party. But more often than not we just want a space that offers a casual gathering space for our friends and family.

Melbourne interior design offers a perfect opportunity to experiment with spaces that are both comfortable and relaxed, yet imbued with a touch of elegance.

The impacts of the past few years under lockdowns have seen demand soar for flexibility in the home. We now seek a calming recreational space that can also provide the seclusion of a home office. It’s no surprise that one of my newest tips for interior design is to think about the function of your space as much as the form.

As a Melbourne interior designer, I am endlessly inspired by the city and the unique homes that we live in. I love our desire to create homes that are filled with personality and soul. I admire our dedication to creating interiors that work for not only Melbourne’s four seasons in a day, but for every day, and every occasion too!

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