Event Styling

Gabriel Jacka is renowned for curating exquisite and exclusive boutique events, gracing some of Australia’s most prestigious business venues, including 108 Australia and Kmart. These events transcend the ordinary, seamlessly weaving the threads of concept and execution to create not merely events, but enchanting dreamscapes destined to etch lasting memories for years to come.

Imagine, for instance, a Christmas fantasy unfolding in the penthouse of Australia’s tallest residential edifice. Here, a resplendent 4-meter tall frosted Christmas tree took center stage, adorned with opulent, oversized gold and silver baubles, capturing the imagination so vividly that it graced the 6 pm news. Alternatively, picture an activation nestled within the hallowed halls of Kmart Australia’s headquarters, where Jacka orchestrated a Christmas transformation into a winter wonderland of unparalleled splendor.

At the core of Jacka’s event and activation endeavors lies the profound commitment to crafting experiences that are nothing short of magical and indelibly etched in the memories of all fortunate enough to partake. His ability to think beyond conventional boundaries, daring to reimagine the realm of possibilities, ensures that those who attend these events depart with enduring and cherished recollections.

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