Incorporating Colour into Your Home: Tips from One of the Best Interior Designers in Melbourne

Working colour into your interior design doesn’t have to be a terrifying leap of faith. The best interior designers can explore your unique desires to draw out colours that are reflective of you. From cool splashes of blues and greens to vibrant bursts of oranges and yellows, colour injects a space with a sense of magnificence.
Go big and bold, or subtle and subdued – no matter what your preference is, there’s a colour technique begging for you to make it your own.

I love to add a sense of vibrancy to all my Melbourne interior design projects. Today I am going to share a few of my top tips that interior designers across Melbourne use to invite colour into the home.


Those who have followed me for some time will know that I adore paint. For one, it is essentially a renovation in a can. But beyond that, it offers an incredible array of hues and finishes for you to choose from.
My top tip is to be courageous when selecting a colour for your rooms – try something a little different! I encourage all my clients to go bold with colour to give their space an unmistakable ‘wow’ factor.

The Right Paint Colour

To make a room cosy and warm try deep navy blues, rich olive greens, or smooth chocolate tones. These darker colours will condense a space, offering a more intimate atmosphere. These deeper tones work incredibly well in bedrooms and small living rooms designed for relaxing.

To make a room feel more airy and light, the right colour can be even more effective than a bland wash. As the best interior designers in Melbourne will tell you – there is more to airiness than just ‘white’. My favourite colours to add a feeling of openness and space are the softest of pinks and yellows and tonal shades of nude.

If you aren’t used to experimenting with colour in your interior design, it can feel daunting at first. But I assure you, a little courage in the design scape rarely goes astray. Be bold and express your personal style, after all its just paint!

If you want a little guidance in the right direction, get in touch and let’s explore the wonders we can concoct.


If painting feels overwhelming or is simply impractical for your space, it’s not the end of your colour expedition. Textiles are a flexible and effective tactic to introduce colour into your home. The possibilities are endless and adaptable to just about any design styles, from jewel tone velvets and silks to soft printed linens and classic cotton stripes.

In my work as an interior designer across Melbourne, I love to give my clients multiple looks that change with the seasons. Textiles tick every box for simple yet striking impact that evolves with your needs.

Styling with Textiles

Styling your home with colourful textiles is far simpler than you might think. You may toss a few vibrant cushions onto your sofa in colours that reflect the seasons. Or maybe you prefer to layer your bed in fresh summer linens of contrasting shades to completely reinvigorate your bedroom.

Investing in beautiful textiles will giving you years of pleasure rather than following seasonal trends.

Want to know an insider tip?

The best way to start is to build a summer and a winter collection. For summer, think linens and cottons to add a fresh seasonal feel to your living rooms and bedrooms. To make your home extra cosy for the winter months, think layers of wool, felts, mohair and velvets in warm colours.

For many, colour can feel quite overwhelming. But as one of the best interior designers in Melbourne, I’ve built my passion on coaxing the colourist out of each of my clients. If you are eager to explore the potential of colour in your home, get in touch and let’s get your home feeling fresh!

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