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What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Wondering what Scandinavian interior design is?

What is it exactly that makes the simple Scandinavian design style so appealing to so many?

Today, I’d like to take a closer look at the elements at play in Scandinavian interior design and what makes it so relevant to the way that we live, and the houses and apartments we build. Just for fun, I also thought I’d throw in a few different ways that you can introduce some Scandinavian interior design elements into your home too.

The Special Ingredient: Light

There is something just so captivating about Scandinavian interior design. From its clean modern lines, and use of warm blonde timbers, right through to its historic use of whitewashed furniture and simple natural elements, it is a style that people from all walks of life love and connect with.

The special ingredient and driving force behind any Scandinavian interior—from the earliest dwellings with their whitewashed walls to the newest of contemporary architecture—is light.

No matter the season, or what the weather might be like outside, the way that Scandinavian interiors capture and use natural light to breathe life into a space offers the greatest lesson. Scandinavian design teaches us how to entirely transform a space using nothing apart from this pure, simple natural element.

How to Embrace Light in Your Home

Not entirely sure how to embrace light in your home? It can be a tricky concept to understand, let alone leverage.

Importantly, light comes in many forms. There is the soft, even light from the South, the warm all-year light from the North, the too the harsh afternoon sun from the West, and the early morning direct sun from the East.

Each of these different forms of light can be enhanced by different colours—some colours enrich the warm tones, while others cool the light. This means that each type of light should be treated differently to create the most welcoming atmosphere. So, when it comes to choosing the colours for interior elements like paint colours and soft furnishings:

  • Northerly light: To create a warm glow, use warm whites; for cool light use blues and greys.
  • Southerly light: For warmth, use warm yellows and deep browns; for cool light, use soft greys and bright whites.
  • Easterly light: For warm light, use putty or sand tones; for cool light, use soft greens.
  • Westerly light: For warmth, use warm pinks and rich navy; for cooler light use dark charcoals.

Inspiration from Nature

Scandinavian interior design also looks to nature for its inspiration and guidance. It draws upon nature’s vast horizons, rich with mossy or brilliant greens reflected in the depths of mirror-like lakes, through to the pure white of winter snow. Nature is a key element in creating a Scandinavian inspired interior.

To embrace a Scandinavian feel through natural elements in your home, look to incorporate indoor plants like monstera and ferns. Offset this greenery with elements like wood panelling and jute rugs, as well as plush sheepskin throws and handwoven blankets.

Scandinavian interior design is all about embracing and enhancing the natural element; from natural light to the raw and unrefined elements of the natural world. Adding these elements with a restrained hand will help you in creating your very own Scandinavian inspired interior.

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