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Gabriel Jacka is a renowned Melbourne home interior design and interior styling specialist. He employs a deeply personalised approach to each project to deliver unrivalled design outcomes.

From stunning home interiors to bespoke office styling and product shoots, Gabriel’s keen eye and impeccable taste adds an intangible value to any project.

Interior Design Services

Boasting more than 10 years’ experience in the industry, Gabriel Jacka has established himself as one of Melbourne’s most sought after interior designers. Gabriel encourages individuality to shine through his work, capturing each client’s unique tastes in spectacular fashion.

From living room touch ups to complete home transformations, Gabriel’s tailored design plans breathe life into your dream home ambitions. He applies a comprehensive approach to home interior design, including:

  • Sourcing bespoke design elements such as artworks, furnishings, lighting, and custom pieces
  •  A diverse design portfolio to offer adaptability to a wide range of styles and environments from residential to commercial, and modern to classical
  • Thorough project planning to provide a clear outline of expectations from the outset through concept drawings and intricate design plans
  •  Complete project coordination to handle every logistical detail from product sourcing to onsite delivery and installation

Get in touch to find out how Gabriel can guide you through your own refreshing design journey:

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Interior & Product Styling

With a background spanning 10 years in the design industry, Gabriel has finessed the art of immaculate interior and product styling. His transformative services allow his clients to maximise their existing pieces through considered placement and thoughtful pairings.

Gabriel’s well trained eye can capture the potential of a space and reinvigorate it with expert styling techniques. Whether it’s re-styling a single room or enhancing the entire home, Gabriel can tailor a personalised creative approach to nail your vision.

If you are looking to develop your portfolio or strengthen your brand presence, look no further than Gabriel Jacka. He is gifted in creating imagery for marketing and social media and specialises in designing effective visual merchandising displays. Gabriel works collaboratively with his clients to showcase their works in breath-taking fashion.

Contact us to learn more about Gabriel’s product and interior styling services:

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

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