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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

2022 Trends for Residential Interior Design in Melbourne

Wondering how you can incorporate 2022 trends into your home décor? Trends are trends for a reason — they can make your space feel refreshed and exciting. But it’s important to ensure that you’re investing in pieces that you will continue to love for years to come. It’s easy to get carried away and buy

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Key Tips To Contemporary Interior Design

When it comes to contemporary interior design, we believe in styling that stands the test of time. A contemporary style harnesses natural light and open floor plans to offer a truly welcoming and homely experience. Elements like shape, texture and colour are all paramount to cohesive contemporary decor. How to Create a Contemporary Interior  [/caption]

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Project Profile – Bridport House South Melbourne

Today I wanted to share a very special project “Bridport House”. Bridport House is a home that I decorated and remoulded in South Melbourne. I had worked very closely with my clients on their previous house, a beautiful grand Victorian in Melbourne’s Ascot Vale. For their Ascot Vale house we had assembled a beautiful collection of

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The 5 Best Flowers that will Last and Last!

I have a serious passion for fresh flowers, and as much as I dream of a garden over flowering with endless blooms, alas my garden is not such! As much as I love roses, tulips and peonies they do not have the greatest vase life which has lead me to keeping a more open mind

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How to transform your home while you’re in isolation…

What an interesting time to be alive, our world that never seems to rest has been placed on pause, how can we take advantage of this time to transform our homes and our lives? Read on, and I will share a few things that I have found therapeutic, and also a few things that we

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Hello Mr Jacka!

With the rise and rise of the social platforms I felt it was time to re think my blog, its been many years since I posted last and with the ever-growing thirst for new content I was feeling in need of a slower pace with a more edited and curated approach. So please join me

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About Mr Jacka...

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Designs

Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne-based Creative Director using his unique and varied qualities to offer a complete aesthetic service.

Having worked as a designer for over 10 years, across a broad range of creative roles – from Interior Designer, Product Developer, Lifestyle Buyer, Textile Designer and Interior Stylist.

Gabriel Jacka offers a range of Interior Design and Interior and Product  Styling services, with his unique approach to interior design and styling your home or project will be deeply personal, beautiful and have enduring style for may years to come.

Visit JACKA DESIGN HQ the design studio and shop where timeless elecance and curated sophistication are celebrated. A haven for those seeking interiors and products that transcend passing fashion trends.

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