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2022 Trends for Residential Interior Design in Melbourne

Wondering how you can incorporate 2022 trends into your home décor? Trends are trends for a reason — they can make your space feel refreshed and exciting. But it’s important to ensure that you’re investing in pieces that you will continue to love for years to come. It’s easy to get carried away and buy into every cool new trend, only to grow tired of those statement pieces as the trends start to change.

Here’s how to shop smartly by investing in solid staples that will hold both their value and timeless style even after certain trends have come and gone.

Beige Everything

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s trending in 2022 you would have noticed a lot of beige, and a lot of beige everywhere. Beige is just getting cooler and cooler as time goes by and it’s easy to compliment your home by adding some beige here and there.

Beige is at its strongest when its used to embellish the other elements in this space. Think sofas, rattan, wicker chairs and natural jute style rugs. These simple, yet classic, furnishings will bring balance into a room with a touch of contemporary timelessness.

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Plaster Details

The subtle, soft finish of plaster helps to create a modern, minimalist vibe without over-indulging in today’s trends.

Whether you’ve got some decorative plaster sculptures on your shelves or a plaster base lamp, the textured material adds a dynamic feel to any space and really leans into the recently rising rustic trend.

The best part? Plaster is one of the oldest materials used in building and art, so you can trust it’s not just a fad that’s going to disappear any time soon. Beyond artworks and decorative pieces, consider opting for a pair of classical plaster columns to really make a statement in your home. 

Getting Back To Nature

In line with the rustic trend that’s seeing a rise in plaster pieces in residential interior design, there is also a resurgence in embracing the natural and filling our homes with all things earthy. From beautiful photographs of the Australian landscape to wooden bowls and rock crystal balls, everyone seems to be getting back to nature.

A key to this look is that all objects have a human touch while still highlighting the strongest elements of each organic source. Think hand-made sculptures from naturally derived ingredients, locally sourced homewares and organic materials. 

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling

A Touch Of Something Classic

After decades of modern styles dominating the interior design scene, it appears that the tide is starting to veer back toward a more classic, refined and timeless look. Truly, classical elements never really go out of style, so taking the time to invest in classical touches for your home will pay off in the long run. From statues to dinnerware, classical elements add a touch of class and elegance to any space.

Classical doesn’t have to mean outdated. Subtle, sparse classical finishings will elevate a space while ensuring it feels fresh. Inspired by a classic Greek and Roman look, classical interior design relies on subdued hues with symmetry and balance. 

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