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The Ultimate Christmas Design Ideas and Tips

Christmas is all about bringing family together and giving thanks for the year that was. If you are hosting Christmas lunch, then styling is part of the parcel when it comes to bringing the joy and festive sprit home. It is time to get creative and think outside the box. Just because it’s traditional to have a star at the top of the tree, it doesn’t mean you need to have one. Why not a giant bauble or a golden parrot? Luckily, I’ve put together a variety of helpful hints to make sure your home is personalised with a special Christmas cheer.
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The Night Before Christmas

Ornaments have a story—from home made to luxury splurges—pieces that have a story will always add a special touch.

Remember, Christmas ornaments only come out once a year so only buy what you need.

Always ask: do I love this enough to store it for 11 months?

It is important to mix your existing collection with a new range of decorations.

Look around the room and if it has a hint of Christmas sparkle, add it in. Look out for crystal vases, brass ornaments, feathers and chrome sculptures—these are a sure-fire winner when it comes to 25 December.

You may want to roll with a Christmas theme, like nativity or traditional, or keep it simple with a colour of choice.

I like to add a subtle theme to my Christmas decorating each year. But remember, there is no need to throw everything out and start fresh.

How To Get Started

My key tip to making your perfect Christmas show work is to have a base layer of ornaments.

I keep to gold, silver, bronze and white, which allows me to just add in a colour or few accents to create a completely different look each year.

When the silly season comes around, add a special set of ornaments to your collection.

I like that every year when I decorate my home, I look back at particular ornaments, which makes them extra special.

It is also a wonderful way if you have kids to get them involved in selecting and creating their own decorations.

Once you have arranged your colour scheme for the tree, you can start to branch into different areas of your home.

I decorate every room of my home with layers of personal objects, which reflect me and go beyond the trends of mass produced fashion.

Above all, you want your Christmas design to look classy and warm for your guests.

Of course, remember to have fun! Decorating your home for Christmas is all about bringing a little bit of joy to your home.

It is the most special time of the year, so don’t get to stressed about the details.

Enjoy the fun of making your home sparkle

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