Christmas tree

Melbourne’s Highest Christmas Tree!

All the glitter has now settled after a very busy Christmas season of luxury interior and event Christmas styling! From bespoke Christmas windows and enormous Christmas trees in some of Melbourne’s most exclusive locations to custom designed Christmas styling for homes across Melbourne. It has been a magical time!

Without a doubt, one of my highlights from my work as a Christmas Stylist was designing and styling the penthouse of Australia 108, the tallest building in Australia! This was a dream job, a 4 meter tall Christmas tree and a penthouse styled with no expense spared, to create the most magical Christmas in the clouds above my favourite city, Melbourne!

I wanted my Christmas styling to reflect the luxury and grandeur of the amazing spaces and location of 108 Australia. A simple, yet opulent colour palette of gold, silver and white was perfect! My Christmas tree was a giant, at 4 meters tall! I decided to go big and bold with my decorations and source beautiful ornaments from across the world, oversized baubles that were up to 50cm big made the most amazing impact! 

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling
Christmas styling table setting with a gold and silver theme
Christmas styling table setting with a gold and silver theme
Sitting area with two lounge chairs

From the first moment you entered the space you felt like you were taken off to an enchanted Christmas in the clouds, with clouds literally passing by the windows of the penthouse. It was a pure white Christmas in Melbourne! Every detail of the space was decorated to look like Christmas, from custom bauble garlands on the tabletop with sparkling Wedgwood china to the fragrance of Christmas drifting through the air to truly make it Melbourne’s most romantic Christmas setting!

The centerpiece of it all was the Christmas tree, a 4 meter tall giant, frosted to perfection. It was dripping in oversized gold and silver baubles from top to toe and topped off with a perfect crisp white star at the very top! Completing the majestic setting were piles of bespoke gifts wrapped in gold and silver and finished with crisp white satin bows. When I stood back from it for the first time it was even more breathtaking than anything I had imagined! 

Christmas tree with presents

I was absolutely surprised and overwhelmed when my Christmas tree made the news, it was like Christmas had come early! It definitely looked like Melbourne’s most luxurious Christmas tree, keeping an eye out over all the many trees below (and the best spot to keep an eye out for Mr Claus!)

If you are planning a next level Christmas for 2022 now is the perfect time to get started! Get in touch with me today to get your most magical Christmas designed exclusively for you, with no detail forgotten! 


Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design, Styling

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Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne based Interior Designer and Interior Stylist, working on Interior Design projects all over Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. With a personal approach to Interior Design & Interior Styling that is not based on current interior design trends or fashions but based on enduring and authentic interior design that will last the test of time and not until the end of the next interior design trend!

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