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Another Year Around The Sun!

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost 12 months since my last blog, given that for another 3 months of a year I was in lockdown, I really don’t have any excuses! 2021 has been another roller coaster, with many highs and a fair share of uncertainty too, but ever the optimist, there

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What is True Luxury today?

In a world where everything is marked as luxury, from fashion and travel to our lifestyle and home, What is true Luxury Today? It can be hard to truly spot what is really luxury and what is just marketed as such. Most of us, when we pause to think about it, do understand what true

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What is the Gabriel Jacka Interior Design difference?

As with all of us it can be hard to write about ourselves, however I do believe that knowing what someone can bring to your project is extremely important in getting a good result that will give you years of pleasure. Please ready along and I will share with you a little about how I

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How to transform your home while you’re in isolation…

What an interesting time to be alive, our world that never seems to rest has been placed on pause, how can we take advantage of this time to transform our homes and our lives? Read on, and I will share a few things that I have found therapeutic, and also a few things that we

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5 Everyday Luxuries I Couldn’t Live Without!

With our super busy modern lives, I feel that it’s the simplest of things that are the true luxuries of life. My five everyday luxuries are things for everyone and things that will make every single day a little more special. 1: Beautiful Linens From beautiful bed sheets to luxurious bath towels there is really

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3 Simple steps to finding your Interior Design Style

Creating a home that reflects your personal interior design style is much easer then you think, read my top 3 steps to create your dream home today. One: Look at what you have to discover your interior design style. The foundations of your interior design style are already in your home, you might say I don’t own anything, but you

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Hunting the Green…

Whenever I’m out and about I always seek out the green, from parks and ponds to rivers and wilderness I am drawn to the refreshing nature of the outdoors. When I’m exploring a new place from a new neighbourhood to a new city, I search out the map and seek out the green patches, hidden

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The Art of Collecting…

In my work as a Melbourne interior designer and interior stylist I am always either working with people’s collections or encouraging them to collect! From art and objects to books and crystal collections do not only give you an opportunity to bring beautiful things into your home, but they also give you a chance to express your personal style.

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Ever since I can remember I have loved velvet, from its rich jewel tones to that way that it holds colour quite like nothing else can and not to mention its beautiful handle against the skin. In my work as a Melbourne based interior designer and interior stylist, I love to use velvet in as many of my projects

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As an interior designer and interior stylist, I am often asked how do I create a beautiful bedroom? Today I’m going to share five of my favourite ways to create a beautiful bedroom! ONE – LINENS Linens are amazing at transforming your bed, from season to season and day to day you can completely change the look and

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Designs

Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne-based Creative Director using his unique and varied qualities to offer a complete aesthetic service.

Having worked as a designer for over 10 years, across a broad range of creative roles – from Interior Designer, Product Developer, Lifestyle Buyer, Textile Designer and Interior Stylist.

Gabriel Jacka offers a range of Interior Design and Interior and Product  Styling services, with his unique approach to interior design and styling your home or project will be deeply personal, beautiful and have enduring style for may years to come.

Visit JACKA DESIGN HQ the design studio and shop where timeless elecance and curated sophistication are celebrated. A haven for those seeking interiors and products that transcend passing fashion trends.

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