Interior Design Process – Consultation

The interior design consultation is your very first insight into Gabriel Jacka’s scintillating design services. It is the first in three key steps to achieving the immaculate home of your ambitions. The consultation process will be focused on you – unpacking your design dreams and goals, your personality, and your lifestyle to thoroughly understand the project.

A deeply personalised consult is critical to Gabriel achieving a home that is an honest reflection of each client’s infinitely unique interior design dreams.

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Gabriel Jacka Consultations

The initial consultation will typically occur over the phone to establish the basics of the project. Gabriel will gather information surrounding the project location, scope and who it is for. This first meeting will essentially allow you to and Gabriel to get to know one another – a fundamental principle of Gabriel’s creative process.

From there, Gabriel will visit you on site to begin piecing together a solid basis for your vision to be built upon. At this stage you do not need to have any fixed plans or ideas for your project. Gabriel will simply seek a stronger understanding of what you adore and despise and ultimately how you want the space to make you feel.

It is during this phase that Gabriel will begin to fuse your desires with the potential of the space.

During this secondary consult, Gabriel will take photos and keynotes that will create the foundation of your interior design concept. This information, along with the discussions from the initial consult, will inform our design process.

Following The Consultation Process

Once your initial interior design consultation and onsite visit is complete, Gabriel will begin creating your bespoke interior design plans. These plans will encompass the full scope of your project from interior layouts to furniture plans, fabrics and finishes.

Your personality will underpin every design consideration made by Gabriel to result in a space that emanates your distinct character in the most spectacular fashion.

For a full insight into the creative process behind your interior design plans, take a look at Interior Design Process – Concept & Planning.

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