Interior Design Process – Concept & Planning

Concept and planning process is the integral second step in the interior design process. It is essential in crafting your idyllic space. During this next chapter, Gabriel will begin attaching detail and logistics to the project scope established during your personalised consultations.

Employing a holistic approach to interior design, Gabriel will use visual cues to unveil his aspirations for your space. You’ll witness your new home weave its way to life through concept drawings, swatches, item selections and timeline forecasts.

You will remain deeply involved throughout the concept and planning phase of your journey. Gabriel will ensure his expert selections are aligned with your broader vision for the space to tailor a design that you adore from corner to corner.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Your Interior Design Concept

Your interior design concept will offer you a first glimpse of the spectacular design Gabriel has mapped out for your space.

Your visionary space will be reimagined in detailed concept drawings and images. Gabriel will walk you through individual room concepts, colours, fabrics, finishes, furniture options and floorplans. Each element will be clearly outlined to provide a realistic sense of your finished product.

Think of your design concept as the first sketch on the blank canvas of your space.

The Planning Phase

Once the finer details have been pinned down, Gabriel can begin preparations for the delivery of your revitalised space. This phase will take the individual concepts conceived by yourself and Gabriel, and thread them into a comprehensive design plan.

Only once you are happy with the vision presented will Gabriel set to work, formulating project timelines, and sourcing bespoke pieces.

Here, Gabriel will make final amendments, locking in furniture, lighting, carpets, artwork, paint finishes and everything in-between!

Gabriel will work furiously to ensure everything is in place to make the delivery of your new space a breeze. Once your concept and plan are firmly cemented, the final step will centre on the physical manifestation of your dream home.

You can explore the magic behind how we carry your interior design plans from concept to completion here: Interior Design Process – Project Coordination & Installation.

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