SENCOLOGY – Candle Wilderness


A rich, warm, and enticing note reminds you curled up in a leather chair with an old book.

Individually hand poured in Australia using natural soy wax and an untreated wooden wick. Crafted to perfection, giving up to 30 hours of burn time.


Woody, Earthy, Smoky


Bergamot, Orange
Geranium, Leather, Rosemary
Oakmoss, Tobacco, Patchouli
Size: 190g/6.7oz.

Safety: Burn within sight. Do not burn for longer than two hours at one time. Keep out reach of pets and children. Place the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface. Never move lit candle. Container may become hot. Failure to follow these instructions could result in fire hazard or injury.

Made In Australia

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