Panier des Sens – Marseille Liquid Soap Olive – Limited Edition


Panier des Sens travels back to their origins with this exquisite Olive Marseille Liquid Soap. The limited edition bottle celebrates the ancestral soap make knowledge of Marseille, France, where for centuries quality soap is created. The soothing olive fragrance has fresh aldehydic notes that evoke memories of childhood and the smell of clean laundry dried by the sun of Provence. Formulated in France using 98% natural ingredients.


A powdery, floral fragrance with fresh and aldehydic notes that evoke memories of childhood, and recall the scent of clean laundry dried by the sun of Provence.


‐ 98% natural
‐ Glass bottle
‐ Traditional Marseilles manufacturing
‐ 100% recycled and recyclable
‐ Dermatologically tested
‐ Vegan friendly
‐ Cruelty free
‐ Made in France
‐ 500ml

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