JACKA DESIGN – Spanish Jug Summer Cherries


Elevate your table setting with the charm of our beautiful Summer Cherries hand-painted Jug, a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and individuality. Meticulously hand-decorated by skilled artisans in Spain, each jug boasts a unique touch, making every piece a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The vivid hues and intricate detailing of the hand-painted cherries infuse this jug with a burst of summer freshness, transforming it into a functional work of art. Enhance your dining experience with this exquisite creation, handcrafted with care and passion by Spanish artisans, ensuring a touch of warmth and uniqueness to every pour.

Made in Spain
Hand painted & finished

Height: 25.5cm
Diameter: 16cm

*Please note that each piece is individually hand decorated with its own unique character.

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