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Our Top Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Have you been dreaming of your perfect bedroom? For many people, the bedroom is a safe haven within the home. It’s a place to sleep and to relax, to get ready in the morning and to wind down at the end of the day. A beautiful and functional bedroom space can help the set the tone for the rest of your living spaces.

These are our top tips for bedroom interior design to help you achieve your ideal bedroom—as soon as possible.

It All Starts with the Bed

It’s not called a bedroom for no reason! From your mattress to your linens, your bed is the hero of your bedroom. This central focal point is more than just a comfy place to get a good night’s sleep; it is also a key design choice!

For a classic design look, a simple upholstered headboard is a great place to start. For the more adventurous in interior design, an antique fourposter bed can be a unique piece. Invest in the best mattress possible; your body will appreciate it! Layer beautiful linens to create your ultimate, luxurious resting place.

Your linen will be changed regularly so invest in a few options to suit your mood and the season. For summer, look for soft French linens in classic white and simple pinstripes. For winter, try luxurious fine cottons with simple colourful trims for a bit of personality.

bedroom styling green pillow on bed

Set the Mood…

Pretty and pink, stylish and modern or cosy and warm – the mood for your bedroom is as broad as your imagination! Think about the vibe you want to create and start to build your look around it. The bedroom is a personal space so allow your own unique mood to come through.

Bedroom styling, white lamp
Bedroom styling, bookshelves

Keep it Natural

For a better night’s sleep, make your sleeping environment as natural as you can. For bed linens, look for 100% linen and cotton. Opt for natural materials in your blankets and pillows as well, rather than synthetic alternatives. The best thing about natural bedding is that it breaths and allows your body to get its best rest! For other bedroom furnishings, such as your wardrobe, bedside tables and dressers, wood is a lovely natural material that can suit any space.

Sleep Like a Baby

Struggling with sleep? Creating a restful sleep space is key to preparing your body to go to sleep at the end of the day. Make your bedroom interior design as restful as possible. Good bedside lamps mean you don’t need to use harsh overhead lights, hidden TVs help you rest without so many distractions and well-placed charging stations remind you to sleep at 3am rather than to reach for your phone. Avoid cluttering your bedroom with too much excess stuff that can distract you when you’re trying to wind down. A simple, relaxing space is best to promote sleep.

Bedroom decor styling. Lamp and Vase on bedside table

Create Sweet Dreams

Good interior design has the power to transform the way that you use your home. By making thoughtful choices in your bedroom interior style, you will rest better, feel more relaxed at home, and enjoy your entire house more as a result!

If you are craving a good night’s rest, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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