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Get Your Dream Interior in 2023

Your home is your sanctuary and the place where you should be able to feel most fully yourself. We spend a lot of our time at home – and that’s why it should feel like a gorgeous haven. And the best way to experience this sensation? Creating an amazing space that highlights your own individual style and which truly represents who you are!

So how can you begin your journey to a more beautiful, personalised home? I have three simple tips to get you started.

Out with the Old

This doesn’t mean get rid of all your older existing belongings – in fact, some of the things you’ve had for a long time might be exactly the items that you should keep! Family heirlooms, furniture passed down from older generations, and old favourite pieces are often the ones that have the most character and can say something about your personality. But if some of your older items are saying something else (perhaps: “I lived in a sharehouse in the early 2000s”) it might be time to move them on.

Take a critical look at the furnishings and ornaments that have been in your home for a while and decide whether they speak to the person you are now, and the person you want to be. Is your old coffee table dripping in charm, or is it out of place around your more mature and higher quality pieces? Removing some old things can be a great first step to discovering where the gaps are.

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Bedroom Interior Styling. Green Accents

Settle on a Style

Finding your individual design style can be tricky, but it’s a vital step in creating your dream home. A mix of styles can be confusing and disjointed, interrupting the flow of your space. Instead, decide what interior style really speaks to you and make your decisions based on this.

When looking for a style for your home, it can be a good idea to look at some sources of inspiration, like design magazines and blogs, social media, or even other people’s homes! Take note of what you love and what could work well with your space. Once you’ve refined your sense of style, you can begin to transform your own home into one that feels uniquely yours.

Invest in Statement Pieces

Remember those old and boring items you got rid of in step one? It’s time to replace them with quality, beautiful pieces that will become the new focal points of your personalised home. Investing in key pieces elevates the tone of your entire space, and these quality objects will last long into the future.

You don’t need to spend piles of cash to make your home look stunning – simply splashing out on a few interesting, different and well-made things will create the dream interior you are looking for. Consider a high-quality piece of furniture such as a dining table or a couch, a beautiful statement artwork that will take pride of place in your home, or a subtle but stunning decorative piece that can shine on its own in a space.

Interior Dining Room Styling. table and chairs

Do You Need More Inspiration?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to getting your dream home interior.

If you’re stuck, Gabriel Jacka is an experienced interior designer who can lend a helping hand to bring out the best in your home.

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