Incorporating Texture into Your Home: Tips from a Melbourne Interior Designer

A question I often get as a Melbourne interior designer and interior stylist is: ‘How do I add texture to my home?’

Texture has the ability to make even the most utilitarian of spaces feel warm and cosy. Have you ever been in an interior space and thought that it felt flat?

It can be difficult to pinpoint why a room feels so bland, but often it’s due to a lack of depth or what designers call ‘visual weight’ in the space. Texture adds this sense of contrast and interest in a room, creating a more welcoming vibe.

From rugs and cushions to plants and even bushwalk finds, here are my fundamentals for incorporating texture into your home.

Use Different Textiles

If you are wanting to add instant texture to your home, textiles are the best place to start. Cloth and fabrics are soft, inviting, and add a calming sense of warm and comfort. The best thing about textiles is that you can add them to every room of your home for instant results – from your lounge and bedroom to the kitchen and bathroom.

Try using contrasting fabrics for added interest, from rich velvets and handwoven linens to oversized knitted throws and hand printed cottons. Remember that textiles are more than just cushions, rugs and towels; curtains, lampshades and even textured furniture can all be utilised to add texture as well.

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Add Layers For More Interest

When you’re trying to avoid that flat, uninteresting look, layering is your secret weapon. It means simply grouping pieces together in a way that creates cohesion and texture. This can be anything from grouping multiple different cushions together on a couch, to stacking books of different sizes and covers on your coffee table. Instead of spacing out your ornaments on a shelf, why not arrange a favourite framed photo with a trinket and a vase? The best interior designers know how to make simple changes to your existing design to add a sense of depth to your space.

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Incorporate Natural Elements

One of my favourite ways to add texture into a home is with natural elements, from plants and flowers to pinecones and seashells. Bringing some of nature’s beauty into your interior space gives your home a lovely welcoming feel, and incorporating greenery indoors has even been shown to improve your mood.

Some of my favourite natural elements to add texture are collections of beautiful pebble, bleached coral and seashells, interesting bird feathers and tiny bird nests, plants and dried flowers, and even bowls of fruit in the kitchen. Think about where your home is situated and how it can be in dialogue with your natural environment; for example, shells and driftwood feel perfectly at home in houses near the beach.

When hunting for natural elements, think outside the box. The best place to find natural elements to add texture is to go outdoor exploring. Best of all, you will not only come home with a collection of beautiful things, but you will have the memories if your finds too!

Adding texture to your home is easier than you might think. Use these simple tips as your base and start adding texture to your home today – you will be surprised at just how simple it is!

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