How to Spend Your Day in Bed, in Style!

2020 has been a year of surprises, one of which has been the move to working from home for so many of us. In Melbourne we are in the middle of a 12 week lockdown (Yes that’s pretty much 3 months!). Today I wanted to share my ultimate guide on how to spend your whole day in bed is style!

This morning as I was getting my day stared, sending emails, responding to messages and taking phone calls (In bed of course!), I was struck by the fact that this was the way I was spending many of my days and though that it might be fun to share my approach to working from bed and making it as stylish affair!


I have never been much of a morning person, so spending the day in bed is the ultimate luxury for me! I wake at around eight, throw on my silk robe over my striped pyjamas and head to the kitchen to brew my coffee, then it’s straight to back to bed to wake up!

I always start my day by catching up on the morning news and checking my Instagram feed, it’s such an inspiring way to start the day. Then it’s time to get to work, emails, calls and endless searching for those beautiful pieces of my interior design projects… and what better place then bed to work from?

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design


After such productive mornings I always allow myself to have a leisurely afternoon (I still do work, but why not slow it down!)

I like simple lunches and find sandwiches (chicken and chive or ham and pickle are favourites) the perfect in bed meal or cheese and crackers are also very satisfying too.

During my lunch siesta I like to catch up with my favourite blogs, Ben Pentreath’s Inspiration and Heather Clwason’s Habitually Chic are absolute favourites of mine. I also like to catch up on the Vogue & Chanel YouTube channels and anything Monty Don on YouTube too (This can be a little dangerous as hours can disappear, but isn’t that the luxury of working from home?!)

After my break its time for a little bit more work. I find my afternoons are best for planning my interior design projects and tying up all of my loose ends from my mornings and before I know it is time for dinner!

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design


I find the best menu for dinners in bed are Macaroni and Cheese or my simple Pea and Feta salad, they are both delicious and they don’t make a mess!

After a delicious dinner it’s time to wind down with a tasty glass of wine and a beautiful film (Who doesn’t love watching films in bed?!). On my regular film rotation of late have been; Marie Antoinette, The Great Gatsby, Call Me By Your Name, Pan’s Labyrinth and A Single Man.

Before I know it I am drifting off into a deep slumber! There is something that is so relaxing and restoring about spending the day in bed (And not feeling guilty about it either!).

If you need a day off your feet give it a go, just remember not to fall asleep!


Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

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