Gabriel Jacka, a Melbourne based interior designer creates unique spaces for each of his clients. Working with a well-trained eye, he has an ability to marry pieces and spaces, existing and new, to create resolved, inviting and very personal interiors that not only reflect his client’s unique tastes and collections, but also make the most of every aspect of the space – from architecture, to landscape and interiors. 

His approach to interior design has always been to create spaces that reflect his client’s collections, tastes and dreams, and not necessarily what is fashionable or trending; this interior design approach means that no single project is the same, and each reflects the unique personality of the client.

Working as an interior designer, Jacka has worked on projects of all scales, from private residential homes to commercial spaces, and has an intrinsic understanding of how to reflect the ideas and aspirations of each client, making each aspect of his interior design feel original and relevant. If you are embarking on an interior design project, he will guide you on the interior design journey and help you to achieve a beautifully resolved outcome.

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