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Bathroom Interior Design: Make Your Home Feel Like A Spa

Contemplating your bathroom interior design?

Creating a sense of luxury, elegance and calmness in your bathroom styling can be very achievable even on the smallest of budgets. There are plenty of ways that you can make your bathroom feel like a day spa. Here’s how.


Why Does A Bathroom Need Styling?

After a busy day at work or running errands, knowing you have a safe sanctuary to wash off the stress of the day can be just what’s needed for your wellbeing.

A bathroom is a hero space that has potential to add significant value to your home. Despite being one of the smallest rooms, it has the most potential to boost your profit margin come time to sell. Prospective buyers can be discouraged from proceeding with a home purchase based on the age of a bathroom, particularly in terms of its functionality and appearance.


How To Style A Bathroom To Create More Luxury

Cohesive Tiles And Colour Scheme

Every interior designer will say that less is more. Understated elegance in a bathroom helps to naturally evoke an aura of a day spa. Light, contemporary colours work well with the use of natural light to help make the space feel larger and warmer.

Classic Fittings

Are you hoping your bathroom will act as a long term investment? With trends going out of style as quick as they come in, you want to ensure your bathroom styling stands the test of time. Classic style fittings are an effective way to keep a timeless elegance in your bathroom without worrying about how “modern” it is.

Black matte tapware paired with crisp white tones is a modern yet timeless duo, while gold fittings with more of a soft pastel-ivory tone boast a sophisticated elegance. Trends that can be avoided include curved shower screens or feature walls—these trends are hot property one minute and cold the next.

Natural Lighting Is Key—If Not, Invest In Good Lighting

Lighting in a bathroom is imperative to the aesthetic and feel of the space. Natural lighting has the ability to open up a room, and create a sense of homeliness and luxury.

If natural lighting is not really an option due to where the room is positioned, then investing in good everyday lighting is key to a successfully stylish bathroom. In day spas, lighting is usually soft and warm, offering a sense of calm and serenity. Having a blend of natural light and soft-dimmed lighting work a charm to a luxurious and sophisticated bathroom.

Add Statement Pieces

Like any room, a bathroom should have a statement piece to act as a focal point when you walk into the space. These statement pieces do not need to be grand or expensive. Rather, they should be simple, understated and classic.

These can be in the form of artwork—something that adds charm and character, or perhaps some greenery like a large plant or small tree to add a more airy quality. Even styling the bathroom with luxurious towels can be all that is needed to give your bathroom a sense of sophistication.

A rustic chair in the corner could also work to give the room less of a “functional” appearance and more of a stylish-luxe tone. Just keep in mind that timber when wet can deteriorate, so best to choose statement pieces that do not have timber (or will not get wet).

There is a lot to consider when styling your bathroom. But simple is always better. If you need help on how to style your bathroom to achieve a ‘wow-factor’, I’m here to help. Get in touch to discuss your dream bathroom and we can play with texture, colour and feel to ensure your home is a sanctuary that you’ll never want to leave.

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