Why invest in good design?

I ask this question not to isolate, but to share what investing in good design means for the long term, rather than for the quick fix.

Firstly I would like to mention that good design dose not need to cost the earth, (literally! In fact, it reduces waste in the long run too!) and is something that will only get better with time, so stay with me and I will share some of my greatest lessons of why investing in good design is worth it!

Do it once…

When I am starting on a new interior design project there are always a few things that are in my mind, not only what I am wanting to achieve for my clients, but how will they live in and with my design and how will it add to their lifestyle, now and in the future. With these fundamental thoughts I am a not only thinking about the next 12 months, but about the next 10 to 20 years! I believe that good design and good interior design should last the test of time and if you do it right the first time, then it will last the test of time, with little or no updates!

It costs just as much to get it right as it does to get it wrong…

One of my fundamental arguments is that good design and good interior design costs just as much to get wrong as it does it get it right! This may seem like a strange statement, but think about it, you buy a rug that you think is perfect, when you get it home it just never feels right, so you get another one and then another one and its still not working, so what’s wrong? The colour? The design? Well it might be, but the most common problem I see with rugs is the size, believe it or not! Getting the right interior design advise in the first place would have lead you to the right rug, colour, pattern and size, so although you spent more on the rug because of the interior design advise and buying a bigger size, you have ultimately saved not only because you have the right rug the first time, but the right rug for the long run too!, saving you all of the time and money you could have lost!

Good design is expensive…

I find this a little bit of a paradox, as I explored above it cost just as much as to get it right as is dose to get it wrong and this is the same principle when we are looking at the cost of induvial items, a full project scope and engaging with an interior designer/stylist. I do understand that we all have different budgets, but when we look at something that is going to be in your life for a long time, would you feel better to have spent your money on something that lasts for 2-5 years only to replace it for something the same price when it has either dated or broken, when you could have spent your money on something double the price that will last 10-20 years? I’m not saying you need to spend twice as much, but ask your self is this really worth $200? How long will it last? Do I really love it? If the answers are no, then consider what is actually worth it. Finally, don’t forget the good design dose not need to be new; it can be old, second hand or recycled, if you open up your thinking I promise that you will be able to find good quality design at absolutely any budget!

Keep an open mind…

One of the biggest issues I find with the way we live our lives these days is that we don’t often consider what we are buying for the long term, unlike our ancestors who couldn’t just get a new one when the fashions changed or when something broke, they would fix things until they couldn’t be fixed any longer and hand things down that lasted. They didn’t have 3 random fashionable objects sitting on the coffee table, just to replace them when a new trend came along! So take a leaf out of their book and keep an open mind, perhaps don’t just get those random things to fill a space, instead invest in a beautiful crystal bow and a few coffee table books that you actually love and will keep and cherish rather then replace when fashions change!

Trends don’t last a lifetime…

Trends as we all know don’t last for long, they are created to encourage you to buy more things and while trends can include good design, they are often short lived and ultimately a cut and copy style that everyone will be following. For me I want to create design that lasts and lasts, my interior design is not exempt from trends, but blends all styles. When you blend your personal style with a trend, you will notice that you make a trend your own rather then following it! I do think it is wise to over invest in a trend, especially when it comes to major pieces, try to introduce it in smaller ways that can up update when the next trend rolls around the corner rather than needing a major remodel.

So, is good design worth it?

If you’re after design & interiors that will last the test of time and reflect you and your lifestyle it is definitely worth it! I know that good design and interior design can sometimes feel a little out of reach or something that isn’t worth it, but I hope that I have opened up a different way of looking at the pros of good design and how it can be accessed and used for the better without being so daunting or out of reach. In the long run, buying and investing well in your home/life will make you happier and ultimately you will fell the difference that living with pieces that last and travel through life can have!

Making a home that reflects your personal style can be tricky, if you can’t see the wood for the trees please don’t hesitate to get in touch, it would be a pleasure to guide you on creating the home of your dreams for years to come!

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Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne based Interior Designer and Interior Stylist, working on Interior Design projects all over Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. With a personal approach to Interior Design & Interior Styling that is not based on current interior design trends or fashions but based on enduring and authentic interior design that will last the test of time and not until the end of the next interior design trend!

If you’re ready to make your interior design goals come true get in touch and let Gabriel bring your dreams into a reality, after all the sooner you have the home of your dreams, the sooner you can start living them!

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