As an Interior Designer and Interior Stylist I am always looking for inspiration for my projects, as much as I love finding inspiration on Instagram and the Internet my absolutely favourite place to find authentic & original interior design inspiration is in good old books!

These are my five reasons why books are the best place to find your next great idea!

1: Books capture the moment that they were published, holding all of that magic with in their pages! That’s why you should absolutely never judge a book by its cover; sometimes the best gold is hidden within the pages of the most humble of books.

2: There is noting quite like holding a book in your hands, they have an ability to create memories deeper then any app, they have a unique smell and touch that make them a true experience.  

3: Books create memories, the images you see will stay with you, you can also re visit them whenever you like! I have a few books that are my absolute favourites and I like noting more then flicking though their pages for a little bit of design inspiration!

4: There is nothing quite like having books throughout your home, no matter what kind of books you love they will always add life to your home, weather in wall to wall, floor to ceiling book cases, on your bedside table or your coffee table they add personality and character to your home noting else can!

5: There is no better way to end the day then to be looking through one of your favourite books, you just never know what you might find!

The next time you feel in need of a little inspiration pick up a book and give your phone a rest, you just never know what you might find!

If you would love to have a life filled with beautiful book and you just don’t know where to start, get in touch and I can edit a selection of fantastic titles so you can get lost in the pages too!

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