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What Is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid-century modern interior design (MCMID)—while it sounds like a mouthful, it is very important when it comes to dressing your home. Initiative is the key to unlocking a world of MCMID possibilities. Take a moment to look at your space and make the most any features. Unlike traditional interior design, a mid-century modern interior capitalises on statement pieces that tie functionality with style. Remember that modern house interior design can be simple, yet elegant. 

When confronting these mid-century items and style, you’ll need to think about the overall look and feel of your home. For example, a modern Scandinavian design incorporates form and function to bring bright spaces to life. It boasts a modern twist with wooden floors, natural light and lots of greenery. Above all, ensure your space is decluttered and inspiring. This is your sanctuary, and it should be treated with care and respect.

Gabriel Jacka has a variety of MCMID tips for the perfect mid-century modern interior.

Let In the Natural Light

Natural light is a fundamental element for MCMID. It can offer a snazzy edge and highlight some of the best parts of your modern interior.

It also brings a slice of the great outdoors inside and could be used to create reading spaces or a modern sunroom for relaxation.

Importantly, keep window dressings minimal. You may even think about long sheer linen curtains or simple matchstick blinds.

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Use The Space to Your Advantage

Natural elements can sometimes be overlooked when it comes to modern interior design. If you want to maximise your space, remember to make use of the raw timber and slate floors. Once you have the perfect modern blend in your interior, you can dress up the room with indoor plants and other Zen features like candles and diffusers. Importantly, do not overthink your spaces. Try to think about minimalist living and the story behind your home.

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Bring Out the Best Pieces

Modern interior design is even better when there’s a hint of history in your pieces. Think about how you can make the most of textures, from shaggy rugs, boucle cushions and tweed upholstery. Remember the famous Eames chair? These curved furnishings bring out a twist to your modern interior. You may even pick up some vinyl, metal, or glass fixtures to make a piece of furniture stand out in your room. Remember to add sculptural elements and art, from table and floor lamp shades to occasional chairs and abstract paintings.

Together, these will bring out your own personal flavour of MCMID.

Do You Need Some Inspiration?

There is a lot to think about when it comes to modern mid-century interior design.

If you’re stuck, Gabriel Jacka is an experienced interior designer who can lend a helping hand to bring out the best in your home.

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