What Happened to December?

It is a little bit hard to believe that it is January already isn’t it?! The end of 2020 just seemed to slip away with finial installations for interior design projects all across Melbourne a few visual merchandising displays for Christmas windows and working away on a few projects that will really start moving along in 2021.

In amongst all of the 9 to 5 of interior design life was a little bit of personal fun including decorating for Christmas (Which is a favourite of mine), getting a chance to explore a few of Melbourne’s most beautiful Christmas displays and setting more than one table for home feasts!

Here is a little photo log of a few of my December highlights;

Christmas Tree Time!

Every year decorating my home interior for Christmas is a favourite time for me. Over the years I have collected many ornaments from all around the world and I love that each year these precious pieces decorate my home interior and bring back so many memories.

My favourite decorations are handmade and decorated by artisans and I add a new set each year to grow my collection, I think this is the key to having a Christmas home that is filled with personality and style and not a cookie cutter trend focused Christmas.

Christmas Tree

Something New in the Kitchen.

I am an interior designer that once my own home is decorated I prefer just to redecorate if something is getting tired or needs replacing, I’m not one for getting bored and just changing everything, I prefer a slow evolution, I find this is the best way to achieve a home interior that has soul.

I had been feeling like I needed some better storage in my kitchen for some time and stated on my quest to find a piece of furniture that combined, both open shelving for easy access and closed cupboards for more practical storage.

So, the hunt was on, I went through all of my options, new or old, simple or ornate, ready to go or in need of some restoration, flat pack or custom (The options are truly endless!). In the end I wanted it to fit into my kitchen which has some fitted and some not fitted cabinets (I like kitchens that combine both, they look less off the shelf IKEA and more bespoke and custom to the home.).

In the end I found a rather rustic classic country style 1980s dresser which was definitely in the “Needs some work” category. After a few coats of a glossy black varnish and a few minor alterations it looked just right, the perfect fit with a slight felling of an only apothecary shop fitting that had seen many evolutions in its life!

Kitchen Dresser
Kitchen Detail

Christmas in the City.

One of the greatest privileges of living in a Melbourne is living near the action of the city centre. Not only are you close the best shops, food and entertainment, but you also have access to the best city exploring and one of my favourite things to do in December is to head into town and explore all of the seasonal displays. Luckily here in Melbourne everything has re-opened and the buzz of our beautiful city is slowly coming back to life.

IMG_1465 (1)

Off to the Country!

Like many city dwellers across the world this year here in Melbourne we have been extremely restricted, thankfully now our country is slowly opening (and closing and then opening again!) which has meant that we can again visit our friends and family who live in the country.

For Christmas this meant a lot of driving, from Kinglake on Christmas day and then to South Gippsland on Boxing Day and a few days in the hills with family.

There is truly no medicine that can do what open countryside and fresh air can do! From long lunches and walks in rain forests too slow mornings and early nights of the deepest rest.


Summer Feasts.

Another great joy of summer is feasting in the garden, I love alfresco dining so much and this year has been a perfect year for it. My garden is looking so lush and green after some much needed attention during our many lockdowns.

From long lunches too lazy dinners of simple salads and delicious wine, you almost forget about the craziness that we have all experienced in recent times.

Bass In Garden
Garden Dinner
Garden wine

Now for 2021!

After a year truly like no other, we have ever experienced before the end of 2020 was a time for reflection and pause. We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but if we have learnt anything from 2020 it is that we cannot plan for anything.  

However, we must look forward and I am truly excited for 2021! I am working away on a few very exciting projects and I hope to share more soon.

Best wishes for all that 2021 has installed for you!

Kind regards,


Mr Jacka New Year
Mr Jacka Party

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