Styling Like A Pro!

If you’re like me and love to re-style your home all the time, then these few tips might help you in creating resolved stylish moments throughout your home!

Firstly, Foundations…

Foundations are the building blocks of any display, you will most likely need a surface, a table top, a mantel piece, a windowsill or console are perfect places to start! Your second foundation stone is your big pieces, a lamp or a piece of artwork or a mirror are always good.

Secondly; Collections & objects

The main reason we style our homes is to fill them with layers of soul and personality, ultimately styling the perfect vignette is about highlighting your favourite things! Firstly, look around and bring together like objects, we are looking for a theme, this doesn’t mean everything has to be the same shape or colour, but more that everything speaks to each other, so let’s look for a colour pellet, lets say gold, grey and green and then look for pieces from throughout your home that may work, this is when you shop your home! That vintage ash tray may be the perfect coin tray for your bedside table! Keep an open mind, this is where your home will begin to have its own personality, just because that champagne bucket is a champagne buck does not mean it isn’t a perfect planter for that beautiful orchid you have! If you don’t have great collections don’t fear they can be built over time, but be careful not to just head into a homewares store and come home with bags of “decorator items” these often wont last the test of time, so slowly collect beautiful things, better to have less that is good then more that is not so good!

Finally, Harmony

In every resolved display that you have ever seen from beautiful shops to that effortlessly stylish friends’ home, there will always be harmony! Now some people just have that magic of pulling together a few things and making them look amazing, but don’t fear if you feel you don’t have the touch there are a few fundamental elements that we can all play with that will give you the golden touch too!

Building your display

Balance; In every vignette we want balance, to create this it is really quite simple! Look at the spot your going to style, now imagine a pyramid the bottom of which is the surface of your display, the top point is above the centre of your display, now with this pyramid in mind you can start to build your vignette. Start with a large piece in the centre, an artwork or mirror are a great foundation, then layer a lamp or large sculpture to one side to create a little asymmetry and then on the opposite side a vase of flowers or a plant. To finish off your vignette how about a beautiful bowl or a pile of your favourite books in the centre and voila, you will have a very resolved vignette!

Scale; Don’t forget scale, having a mix of shapes and sizes is key for creating a resolved look, the above is a simple formula for a vignette, scale and shape give you a place to play, how about layering an artwork over the mirror or artwork and behind the flowers/plant?, this will start to give your display a personal look!

Editing; the real key to supper stylish look is editing, editing, editing! No matter your style, minimalist or maximalist editing will always help to resolve your vignette, weather you need some lemons in bowl or no bowl at all this editing will again help to build your own personal look!

A final word; don’t stress about getting a perfect look the fist time, I am constantly tweaking my vignettes and often pull them completely apart because they are not working! Trust your eye, if it doesn’t feel right then have a play with it, it might just be a few little details that will completely transform your vignette!

If you’re still seeking a little more assistance in the home styling part of your life don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will be more than happy to help you resolve all of those spaces in your life!

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Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne based Interior Designer and Interior Stylist, working on Interior Design projects all over Melbourne, Victoria and Australia. With a personal approach to Interior Design & Interior Styling that is not based on current interior design trends or fashions but based on enduring and authentic interior design that will last the test of time and not until the end of the next interior design trend!

If you’re ready to make your interior design goals come true get in touch and let Gabriel bring your dreams into a reality, after all the sooner you have the home of your dreams, the sooner you can start living them!

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