Sandringham Lounge

Just a brief stroll from the inviting bayside beaches of Sandringham, there arose a yearning for a lounge that effortlessly merged the charms of yesteryear with the allure of modernity. Recognising the potential in rejuvenating existing furniture pieces served as the cornerstone for this meticulously curated and snug room.

This lounge transcends mere convention; it occupies the very heart of the home, offering respite from the hustle and bustle, all the while enveloped in a cherished collection of books and mementos. The art of giving each item its rightful place and extracting the utmost beauty from each piece of furniture added an exhilarating dimension to the creative process.

The mission was clear: to craft a cosy English-style lounge, an inviting haven where one could while away hours engrossed in a good read or simply unwind, all while exuding an invigorating and welcoming burst of colour.

The architectural blueprint laid the groundwork for this inviting space, featuring a timeless arrangement of two sofas facing each other, an antique wingback armchair graced by a bespoke ottoman, and an antique faux bamboo chair.

To establish a firm foundation for the room, a custom sisal rug was introduced, expertly tying together all the diverse elements into a harmonious whole. A quintessentially English ambiance was achieved through the creation of a custom rolled arm sofa swathed in sumptuous mustard linen. The art of reimagining and restoring existing treasures played a pivotal role in shaping this personalized sanctuary. An heirloom wingback armchair underwent a transformation, cloaked in a regal velvet that accentuated its sculptural elegance. A set of antique tables, meticulously restored, emerged as essential components in the narrative of the room’s design. The inclusion of a simple antique mirror above the fireplace softened the room’s sharp lines, while a faux bamboo Chippendale chair offers a perfect perch for moments of repose. To complete the ensemble, a custom ottoman was meticulously crafted from an antique rug sourced during a trip to Italy.

With all the essential elements of a cosy English library now in place, the only task that remains is to sink into the plush seating and immerse oneself in the pages of a captivating book.

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