Maison Rebatchi – Cuir Tassili Perfume


Cuir Tassili Perfume

Cuir Tassili finds its inspiration in the early morning awakening within the Tassili desert, crafting a fragrance as an homage to Mohamed Rebatchi’s roots. This scent embodies a robust leather essence unlike any other, offering a delicate, pristine, velvety, and subtly sweet allure.

The perfumer, Aliénor, shared her inspiration for this fragrance: “In honoring Mohamed Rebatchi’s origins, I drew from my own expedition through the Tassili desert in southeast Algeria, the traditional realm of the Tuareg Ajjer or Tuareg people of the West, and the olfactory sensations that enveloped me. Upon waking in the morning, following a night spent in a tent, I could sense the aroma of brewing tea and Algerian cherbet lemonade, intertwined with the scent of leather from saddles. A genuine invitation to embark on a journey.”

Top notes: black pepper, elemi, lemon
Heart notes: sage, iris concrete, tea leaf
Base notes: myrrh, leather, patchouli

EDP 50ml

Made In France

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