Maison Rebatchi – Ambre Blanc Perfume


Ambre Blanc Perfume

Unwaveringly contemporary, simultaneously weightless and rich, Ambre Blanc enthralls with its uniquely radiant and luminous delight.

In the perfumer’s lexicon, the term ‘impossible’ holds no ground. In the realm of perfume artistry, she approaches it as a free spirit. For Nathalie Feisthaueur, the sole essence is the joy of creation: condensing time into a solitary spark of inspiration for an exquisite Perfume House. Thus, Ambre Blanc emerges—a fragrance resolutely liberated from olfactory conventions, where beneath the pristine white facade, one witnesses the radiant embers of monumental amber.

Top notes: bergamot, hedione hc
Heart notes: orris, amber, ambrette, labdanum absolute, notes cedar, benzoin siam, tonka bean, vanilla, cashmeran, musk
Base notes: oud, saffron, oak moss, intense, woods, cedarwood

EDP 50ml

Made In France

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