Fer A Cheval – Concentrated Laundry Liquid 1L


Product Details

  • Made from authentic Marseille soap
  • Marseille soap stain remover properties
  • Effective at low temperatures
  • Respect colours
  • 99% ingredients from natural origin
  • Allergen-free formula

Made in France


This concentrated laundry liquid is made from authentic Marseille Soap (Savon de Marseille) known for its stain removing properties. It is effective at low temperatures on the most stubborn stains, respects colours and brings freshness to your laundry.

Its unique allergen-free* formula has been developed to minimise the risks of allergies:

  • Made from Marseille soap (Savon de Marseille) cooked in cauldrons at the soap factory, well-known for its cleansing, degreasing, hypoallergenic and easily biodegradable properties
  • Composition with 99% of ingredients of natural origin without any carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic substances (CMR).

How to use

For the dosage, refer to the scale inside the measuring cap. Concentrated and economical formula providing 40 loads, suitable from 30 degrees C. The use of softener is not necessary. Do not use with wool and silk.

For medium load of 5kg Peu sale

Fresh water 30 ml 40 ml 50 mlHard water 40 ml 50 ml 60 ml

Very hard water 50 ml 60 ml 70 ml


5% or over but less than 15%: anionic surfactants, 5% or over but less than 15%: nonionic surfactants, less than 5%: soap, perfumes,

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