My Favourite Rooms from London to New York!

Here in Melbourne we are still in lockdown (Hopefully only for a few more days!) and spending so much time at home has me thinking of other places that I have been lucky enough to visit over the past few years. Looking through my photos on Instagram I realised just how little I have actually shared and though that it might be nice to share a few of my favourite rooms!

As a Melbourne interior designer, I am lucky enough to work on many beautiful homes, however Melbourne and Australia on the whole has very few old buildings with the level of craftsmanship, architecture or history as in the United Kingdom, Europe and America. Traveling to these places is a true luxury with the ultimate prize in by books being able to visit such significant places. I can’t even begin to share what exploring these places with such history and soul can add to your design imagination!

It was so hard to choose these rooms to share (It’s like asking who your favourite child is!), I hope the you enjoy my selection and feel inspired by these rooms as much as I have been!

Osterley House

One of my absolutely favourite houses in Osterley House on the outskirts of London. A magical home with interiors by the great interior designer and architect Robert Adam, it is a jewel box of a home!

I have two favourite rooms in this house, the first is the entry hall, with its monochrome palette of french grey and white and classical detailing what is there not to love?! The second is the Etruscan dressing room, a fantasy of pale blue and terracotta and furnished with beautiful furniture by Chippendale. (Entry Hall above and Etruscan room below.)

The Rotunda

Like many of the rooms in this blog I found them by chance and this room is no different. After a long morning of exploring I stumbled across City Hall, a very ornate building and noticed lots of people coming and going, as you do when traveling I decided to see if I could take a look, lucky it was open to the public and I was absolutely blown away!

The Rotunda at the heart of San Francisco’s City Hall is truly breath taking. With its grand staircase, elaborate plasterwork, marble floors and enormous dome it is unforgettable. (Below)

The New York Public Library

For our next stop on my rooms tour we head to New York City. Now there are many many beautiful rooms in this unforgettable city, but just one really caught my eye. It’s not just a single room, but the whole of The New York Public Library. This is a very special building from its painted ceilings and marble floors to its collections of antique books and high arching windows, but what makes it the most special is that this is a building for the people. (Below)

The Louvre

The next room we find ourselves in is a room filled with inspiration! We are in the Louvre in Paris filled with classical statues, sculpture and fragments of ancient buildings. I think what I love most about this room is the collection of while and black pieces set against the colour of the walls, a beautiful colour that can be both a soft pink or is some lights a soft purple.  (Below)

The Queens House

Our final room is filled with so much history, but what is probably the most interesting thing to me is that it was the first classically inspired building in England. The Great Hall at The Queens House in Greenwich will take your breath away! It is a perfect cube in shape and with its graphic marble flooring in black and white it is unforgettable and truly inspiring. (Below)

I hope that you have enjoyed my little tour of my favourite rooms from London to New York (and to be honest my list is much much longer!!) and found them inspiring too! 


(PS all of these photos are mine so I do apologise for the quality of a few, but imagination makes up the gaps!) 

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