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Dream Home Interior Living Room

Get Your Dream Interior in 2023

Your home is your sanctuary and the place where you should be able to feel most fully yourself. We spend a lot of our time at home – and that’s why it should feel like a gorgeous haven. And the best way to experience this sensation? Creating an amazing space that highlights your own individual

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Living Room Interior Design: How to Choose a Rug

Wondering how to choose a rug for your living room? With such a range of beautiful rug designs, it can be hard to find the best modern living room rug for your home. Believe it or not, a rug can be the difference between your room looking amazing and confusing. But there are some steps

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corridor of house

What Is Mid Century Modern Interior Design?

Mid-century modern interior design (MCMID)—while it sounds like a mouthful, it is very important when it comes to dressing your home. Initiative is the key to unlocking a world of MCMID possibilities. Take a moment to look at your space and make the most any features. Unlike traditional interior design, a mid-century modern interior capitalises

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christmas decorations

The Ultimate Christmas Design Ideas and Tips

Christmas is all about bringing family together and giving thanks for the year that was. If you are hosting Christmas lunch, then styling is part of the parcel when it comes to bringing the joy and festive sprit home. It is time to get creative and think outside the box. Just because it’s traditional to

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

2022 Trends for Residential Interior Design in Melbourne

Wondering how you can incorporate 2022 trends into your home décor? Trends are trends for a reason — they can make your space feel refreshed and exciting. But it’s important to ensure that you’re investing in pieces that you will continue to love for years to come. It’s easy to get carried away and buy

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bath tub in a bathroom

Bathroom Interior Design: Make Your Home Feel Like A Spa

Contemplating your bathroom interior design? Creating a sense of luxury, elegance and calmness in your bathroom styling can be very achievable even on the smallest of budgets. There are plenty of ways that you can make your bathroom feel like a day spa. Here’s how. Why Does A Bathroom Need Styling? After a busy day

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

Key Tips To Contemporary Interior Design

When it comes to contemporary interior design, we believe in styling that stands the test of time. A contemporary style harnesses natural light and open floor plans to offer a truly welcoming and homely experience. Elements like shape, texture and colour are all paramount to cohesive contemporary decor. How to Create a Contemporary Interior  [/caption]

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interior design

What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

Wondering what Scandinavian interior design is? What is it exactly that makes the simple Scandinavian design style so appealing to so many? Today, I’d like to take a closer look at the elements at play in Scandinavian interior design and what makes it so relevant to the way that we live, and the houses and

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Home Interior Design Tips: Luxury Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Want to create a luxurious feel in your home but don’t have the budget for expensive items? It’s possible to create beautiful interior spaces on a budget. Discover my top tips for cheap home interior styling that makes the most of your design dollar. Make Use of Your Existing Items The best way to re-decorate

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Gabriel Jacka - Interior Designs

Gabriel Jacka is a Melbourne-based Creative Director using his unique and varied qualities to offer a complete aesthetic service.

Having worked as a designer for over 10 years, across a broad range of creative roles – from Interior Designer, Product Developer, Lifestyle Buyer, Textile Designer and Interior Stylist.

Gabriel Jacka offers a range of Interior Design and Interior and Product  Styling services, with his unique approach to interior design and styling your home or project will be deeply personal, beautiful and have enduring style for may years to come.

Visit JACKA DESIGN HQ the design studio and shop where timeless elecance and curated sophistication are celebrated. A haven for those seeking interiors and products that transcend passing fashion trends.

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