South Melbourne City House

Nestled behind the unassuming facade of a modest workers’ cottage lies a modern transformation that had seen better days. Embracing the existing architectural framework, the mission was to craft an interior that paid homage to both the cottage’s original charm and its contemporary renovation. The aim was to ensure this renovation did not suffer the same fate as many others in recent times.

Upon crossing the threshold from Bridport Street, one is greeted with an unexpected burst of light and spaciousness in the entryway. To the right, a cosy sitting room beckons, adorned with a well-loved Chesterfield sofa and adorned with a cherished collection of family photographs. It’s an idyllic spot for a tranquil afternoon interlude. Opposite the sitting room lies a guest bedroom, where a camelback bed swathed in sage green linen is flanked by a pair of antique cabinets brimming with books, inviting guests to embark on literary adventures.

Just a few steps down the hallway from the guest bedroom, one encounters a pair of luminous wells, each nestled on either side, bathing the corridor in a flood of natural light emanating from double-height glass windows. Towering evergreen magnolias grace the courtyards, infusing them with an enduring profusion of delicate colours. These magnolias serve as a visual bridge between the modern renovation and the cottage’s original essence, creating a living sculpture that enchants observers from multiple vantage points throughout the home.

Continuing further down the hallway, the master bedroom unfolds, an elegant sanctuary adorned with accents of rich rusty red velvet, juxtaposed with crisp white furnishings and antiqued mercury glass. Concealed behind double doors, a sumptuous walk-in wardrobe awaits, featuring a custom lacquered island in deep brown, crowned by a stunningly veined marble countertop.

Ascending to the first floor reveals an open-plan living space that seamlessly blends the lounge, dining, and kitchen areas. A harmonious palette of warm whites, natural timber, various shades of grey, and pops of fresh, vibrant blue envelops the room. The atmosphere is one of airiness and abundant natural light, cultivating an aura of relaxation and comfort. This space serves as an ideal setting for socializing and offers tantalizing glimpses of the distant city skyline, adding a touch of urban allure to the cottage’s inherent charm.

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