Kensington Townhouse

Nestled within the heart of the city stands a Victorian Townhouse, a masterpiece of architectural craftsmanship, teeming with untapped potential. This stately residence possesses a strong structural foundation, and in the hands of the visionary Gabriel Jacka, it undergoes a remarkable transformation, breathing renewed vitality into its once-faded splendour.

From the vantage point of the street, the unassuming Victorian Townhouse is bathed in a dignified battleship grey hue, accented by warm white trims. Beneath the shade of a towering flowering Jacaranda tree, it stands in modest elegance, adorned with little more than a remarkable emerald door, crowned by an antique lion’s head knocker.

Upon crossing the threshold into the petite yet gracefully appointed entry hall, one is immediately greeted by the presence of an ornate hand-carved mirror, beckoning them further into the exquisitely designed lounge.

The lounge serves as an exhibition of eclectic artistry, where a juxtaposition of elements unfolds. An antique mirrored commode and a desk adorned with bone inlay harmoniously coexist with a modern Italian chandelier and a sleek marble coffee table. The walls come alive with a medley of vibrant abstract paintings, imbuing the interior with an invigorating and joyful ambiance. The backdrop is balanced by the understated elegance of classic and unpretentious linen curtains and a plush, serene white sofa.

Progressing from the lounge, one enters a kitchen illuminated by an abundance of natural light, featuring ebonized cabinets and a welcoming timber ceiling. Adjacent to the kitchen lies a multifunctional space that seamlessly transitions between a dining room and a library. Here, a daring fuchsia pink dining table stands amidst a symphony of antique faux bamboo Chippendale dining chairs, while the walls are adorned with a veritable library of books spanning a myriad of subjects.

At the rear of the residence, a sun-soaked living room unfolds, meticulously designed for everyday comfort. Louis chairs upholstered in a vibrant chevron print and a French Lucite and glass coffee table bestow a classic touch upon this contemporary haven.

The bedrooms, each bathed in the soft, soothing embrace of southern light, serve as sanctuaries for relaxation and repose, regardless of the hour. The master bedroom is a study in sophisticated, yet relaxed luxury, adorned with the opulence of moss green velvet, grey mirrors, and walls enveloped in linen. The navy bedroom, on the other hand, cocoons its occupants in the deepest of navy hues, punctuated by accents of gold, red, and warm timber, creating an ambiance of unparalleled comfort and indulgence.

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