Delilah Hair Studio

As a thriving business sought to expand its horizons and embrace a new aesthetic that mirrored its growth and transformed its diligent workspace, every inch of this salon space was meticulously considered and transformed into a captivating showcase of personality and style.

Stepping through the entrance, you are immediately welcomed by the sight of a plush leather sofa, bathed in warm hues, set against a backdrop of abundant natural light streaming in through mature plants that grace the space.

The cutting floor reveals a striking sight with a cluster of stations arranged as an island, each adorned with towering oak mirrors that amplify the room’s luminosity. A mirrored sphere suspended overhead scatters fragments of light, infusing the ambiance with a refreshing and playful quality.

The washbasins stand in a neat row, flanked by simple yet elegant white tiles, instilling a sense of cohesion within the space. Above the stations, a bespoke steel-framed wall is adorned with intricate riddled glass, creating an intriguing visual centrepiece. On the flip side of this glass partition, shelves have been meticulously installed to showcase products from both angles, introducing texture and captivating interest to the overall design.

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