Home & Residential Interior Design

Gabriel Jacka’s home and residential interior design services are defined by luxury and comfort. In all his projects, Jacka focuses on making you—his valued client—feel happy and relaxed, every single time you walk into your beautifully designed and styled home.

Jacka creates spaces that truly reflect your personal taste and style, whether that is classic, modern, contemporary or luxury, and endure for years to come.

What is the Gabriel Jacka difference?

Residential interior design in Melbourne is Gabriel’s true passion. He has a unique ability to create personal residential interiors that reflect his clients’ goals and dreams.

Designing truly individual and enduring residential interiors is a unique opportunity to bring together colour, texture and sophistication to create a space that both appeals to your emotions, and fulfils your day-to-day needs.

Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design
Gabriel Jacka - Interior Design

How we can help

Gabriel Jacka offers a wide range of home and residential interior design services tailored to create the interior of your dreams—an interior that reflects your personal style, while complimenting your day-to-day lifestyle.

Our home and residential interior design services include

  • Designing – Concepts and planning to create a bespoke plan tailored specifically for your needs and style.
  • Sourcing – Pinpointing one-of-a-kind and unique pieces, as well as custom furniture and specially commissioned artwork, through to gorgeous lighting and textiles
  • Planning – Your project will be thoroughly documented, from concept drawings and materials, through to bespoke pieces and soft furnishings.
  • Coordinating – From on-site coordination and project management to ordering and installation.

Make your dream home a reality today

With our personalised approach to home and residential interior design, can rest assured that you’re investing in a home that will have enduring style for many years to come.

We create resolved, inviting interiors that not only reflect your unique tastes and collections, but also make the most of every aspect of your space – from architecture, to landscape and lifestyle.

Find out more about our home and residential interior design services and discover how we can transform your home today:

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