How to Style Your Home for Sale: Home Styling Melbourne

Selling your home can be a daunting task, yet styling your home for sale can make a huge difference to the saleability and sale price of your property. Balance is really your goal here when home styling in Melbourne.

When showcasing your property, it’s important to give potential buyers enough information to understand the functionality of the space without overwhelming them with specifics. Strike a balance between presenting a blank, soulless canvas and displaying too many personal possessions. The goal is to allow them to envision their own potential in your home.

Editing Personal Possessions and Furniture

Just because you are putting your home on the market doesn’t mean you need to remove all of its personality. Your aim when styling for sale is to make your home look its best, which can easily be achieved with an edit.

Editing personal possessions doesn’t mean removing everything, but rather creating a clean and clutter-free space. Removing sentimental items, such as fridge magnets, and birthday cards prevents the eye from being distracted by them.

Edit your furniture. Removing about one-third of all of the furniture in your rooms will make the space feel five times larger. Streamline the furniture to present the functionality of the room and organise the space to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

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Freshen Tired Features

Freshening up tired features in a home can make a world of difference in the look and feel of a property.

Remove old curtains, rugs, and outdated bookcases and decor that has seen better days. People look at tired features and wonder what else is tired about the property. Refreshing these features can make your home look more contemporary and feel more appealing.

A tired bathroom or an outdated kitchen can be easily refreshed with some styling tips. Brand-new fluffy towels say fresh, sparkling appliances say luxury and a touch of greenery can make a lasting positive impression.

And trust me, a fresh coat of paint is as good as a renovation! Keep to a neutral colour palette as this will make your home look and feel like new. All of these touches welcome the buyer.

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Layout is Key

When preparing a home for sale, the layout is crucial, no matter the size of the space. To achieve a more welcoming and expansive ambience, consider rearranging furniture to create designated areas and practical zones.

You can absolutely transform your existing space and make it more attractive to potential buyers by restyling your furniture. For a professional touch, you’ve most welcome to book a consultation.

Give Yourself Space

Styling your Melbourne home for sale can help you sell your property faster and for a higher price. Editing personal possessions, freshening tired features, and rearranging furniture layouts are simple yet effective ways to create an inviting space for potential buyers.

This is an exciting time, but also a hectic one, so give yourself time to stand in your space and edit for the future owner. A critical eye can prevent roadblocks to a sale and make the transition into your next home more profitable.

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