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Christmas Styling Tips for Amazing Events & Activations

Can you believe that Christmas is just around the corner? You might be just awakening from your winter hibernation, but it’s time to start planning for the biggest holiday of the year – and I have all the inspiration you need!

Last year I created a Christmas Activation for Kmart HQ and I thought I would share the details to give you all the insights into creating an incredible Christmas-themed space. Whether you’re looking for your own Christmas stylist, or just want some ideas that you can incorporate into your own event interior design, read on.


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Tip 1: Designated spaces

The Kmart HQ Christmas Activation was a fantastic canvas, offering ample space to infuse creativity and elegance. My vision was to craft a seamless journey throughout the activation, that encompassed distinctly different spaces that still echoed a unique theme.

For example, the ‘Winter Wonderland’ space was a serene space, complete with snow-draped trees, playful reindeers, and a gentle flurry of snowflakes hung from the ceiling. Although we celebrate Christmas in Summer, there’s a certain magic in encapsulating the frosty allure of a Northern Hemisphere winter.

In contrast, the ‘Candyland’ space was a vibrant tableau in red and white, featuring a striped balloon archway, delightful candy canes, and a towering red and white nutcracker who stood as sentinel to the festive splendour.

While each space had its unique charm, I aimed for a harmonious flow, integrating common elements from the entrance to the storage spaces for personal belongings. The spaces were accented with nutcrackers of varied sizes, some impressively grand!

Decals adorned the floors of each space, with elegant snowflakes in the Winter Wonderland and cheerful candy canes in the Candyland. The entire palette was meticulously chosen, with a harmonious blend of white, red, silver, and gold, adding a cohesive visual grace free from clashing colours.

Tip 2: Go big!

Christmas is always a time for celebration—a time to embrace the festive spirit and let your inner extravagant self radiate! It’s the season to indulge in abundant adornments, majestic ornaments, and a symphony of decorated trees, each singing the song of festive joy.

As every Christmas stylist will confirm: this is the season where abundance reigns supreme. However, embracing abundance doesn’t mean losing sight of harmony and elegance. You can maintain a balance by adhering to a cohesive colour palette and echoing a consistent theme throughout.

In crafting the Kmart HQ Christmas Activation, I embraced the grandiosity, deploying substantial pieces to breathe life into the space and weave an immersive tapestry where every corner echoed ‘Christmas’.

This festive panorama included towering Christmas trees kissing the ceilings, colossal nutcracker sentinels, and luminous oversized baubles gracing the floors. To attain a striking effect, it’s best to invest in singular, imposing pieces rather than cluttering the space with an array of small trinkets.

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Christmas Styling

Tip 3: Make it interactive

Christmas is all about fun. So, any festive spaces you create should encourage exciting interaction. If you’re planning a Christmas party or activation, be sure to include interactive elements that can elevate your event from delightful to dazzling.

The Kmart HQ Christmas Activation was focused on ‘Family Day’—where the entire head office staff were encouraged to bring along with their entire family. So, I incorporated interactive elements like a photo booth to freeze all those joyous moments in time, a cheerful elf distributing candy canes in Candyland, and cosy beanbags inviting guests to recline and soak in the festive ambiance.

Creating spaces filled with engaging moments and heart-warming interactions ensures a festive experience that’s cherished and remembered for years to come.

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